Men's Matters Study 2022

DMARGE Is Committed To Making Men Better

DMARGE has recently completed its inaugural ‘Men’s Matters’ study in partnership with Hoop Research.

This annual study is designed to help brands better understand the expectations and pressures of work, lockdown and relationships on men, as well as what is driving their decision-making in 2022 and beyond.

“We undertook this study to better understand how Australian men are coping with everything that’s happening in their world and, just as importantly, see how women feel about the same issues,” DMARGE Senior Partnerships Manager Jo Clark, explains.

The study has been designed to give an equal representation of how men and women perceive the challenges of 2022.

From ‘The Great Resignation’ to the impact of role models and stereotypes, DMARGE’s 2022 ‘Men’s Matters’ study will give the industry a better understanding of how to support men in this time of change.

“The survey targeted a representative sample (MF25-55) across the eastern seaboard of Australia, which allowed us to understand how men were feeling both inside and outside of DMARGE’s regular readership,” Graeme Hoop, Managing Director at Hoop Research says.

“It really opened our eyes to how men and women are thinking about what’s going on around them right now.”

Key insights from the 2022 Men’s Matters study were:

  • Over half of male respondents believe social media is having a negative impact on their relationships. The study suggests that men are enjoying dating apps more than women on the whole, but many men believe the post #metoo world has made the overall dating experience more complicated to safely navigate.
  • ‘The Great Resignation’ is real, but data suggests men were more likely to act on it than women. This was especially present amongst white-collar workers who had more freedom to change jobs.
  • Skipping leg day or everything else day is okay. Only a third of men surveyed wanted a partner that cares about maintaining their physical fitness.
  • It’s okay for a man to not be ‘mother’s most beautiful’ as only 18% of women prioritise a physically attractive partner – yet more than half of women surveyed wanted a financially secure partner.
  • Unsurprisingly, ¾ of those surveyed (both men and women) felt lockdowns have negatively impacted their mental health. On top of that, women surveyed suggested the numerous lockdowns had made them more introverted and comfortable with staying at home. Men on the other hand were less worried about OMICRON and keen to get back to spending time with friends in the real world.

Whether it’s helping men disconnect or bringing them together, DMARGE’s data provides valuable insights and opportunities to engage with men in more meaningful ways this year.

“Men are often reluctant to be vulnerable and open up – sometimes mates can be a man’s best therapist – so to see men be so forthcoming for our survey was particularly refreshing. One thing’s particularly clear: men are keen to get back out there and rekindle their bromances.”

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