Breitling Endurance Pro Challenge

Editorial, Event, Film, Native Content

“Breitling was very excited to partner with DMARGE on launching the Endurance Pro to the Australian market. We wanted to target men who lead stylish, active lifestyles, and we knew the DMARGE audience was just that. It was imperative that we create something that Breitling could use globally in an iconic Aussie location like Bondi Beach”

Madeline Nelson, Marketing Manager, Breitling Australia

Breitling briefed DMARGE on creating content around the launch of their new Endurance Pro, an almost indestructible watch targeting Australia’s fit and active men. The task was to convince the audience to invest $4,500 in a daily sports watch …that wasn’t a smartwatch. 

DMARGE persuaded Breitling to bring the product benefits to life in a new and innovative way, by moving away from traditional print and editorial product reviews to an exciting launch concept. This would demonstrate the watch being used the way Breitling intended, in a competitive sports environment, whilst showcasing its versatility and everyday appeal.

DMARGE proposed digital content around an original event concept that invited Sydney’s hardest athletes to compete against each other. The inaugural Breitling Endurance Pro Challenge was bornan event that pitted high-profile athletes from different sporting disciplines against each other, to be crowned the 2020 Breitling Endurance Pro Champion.

DMARGE worked with Breitling headquarters in Geneva to curate a selection of top local athletes across surfing, CrossFit, Ironman, triathlon and bodybuilding to feature in the event and go on to become Breitling ‘Friends of the Brand’. Athletes were given the watch at the end of the event, ensuring ongoing exposure for the brand.

A four-man video production team and drone pilot captured every moment of the race from different dynamic angles. Keeping the watch as the campaign hero, capturing it on wrists whilst athletes were running, swimming and completing the race challenges. 

Key Outcomes 

  • Main 4:37 minute video had 273,000 views, the average completion rate was 60%
    • 12,647 hours of watch time (758,820 minutes)
  • 6 x 15 second athlete social media ‘hype reels’ were watched +150,000 times
  • Supporting editorial content of athlete profiles and product reviews was read +/- 13,000 times
  • Facebook + Instagram ad reach 178,000, plus athletes re-shared own hype reels to over 580k of their instagram followers 
  • eDM – 19.2% open rate / 5.1% click rate


  • Breitling generated 10x ROI from this campaign