BMW Z4 ‘The Fast & The Ferry’

Display Media, Film, Native Editorial

For the first time in 10 years BMW were set to relaunch one of their most iconic products but it had to be executed with tongue-in-cheek flair. BMW’s Z series cars have long been the choice of James Bond in films such as Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough. In 2019 the Z4 received a design makeover thanks to Australian designer Calvin Luk. 

General Manager of Marketing at BMW Australia, Tony Sesto, was excited to explore the potential of the new roadster in a typically Australian landscape.

“The BMW Z4 puts focus purely on driving enjoyment – its low and aggressive exterior design, engine performance and superior handling is what delivers this promise.  The Z4 aims to really please the driver in every scenario, it transforms your daily driving routine into an exciting mission – the inception of this unique campaign,” said Sesto.

Vizeum worked closely with BMW Australia to develop a media strategy that would make a genuine impact on the local market, a group which consists of plus-40-year-olds who enjoy weekend escapes and the thrill of driving. The Z4 release is a major milestone for BMW and demands an equally unique idea to create conversation.

DMARGE worked with Vizeum and BMW Australia to develop an original film concept to race the BMW Z4 against Sydney’s iconic Manly Ferry – a race that’s never been attempted before. ‘The Fast & The Ferry’ film is simple, fun and showcases the BMW Z4’s agility to navigate Sydney’s scenic urban landscape as two friends go head-to-head to hunt down the quickest route out of town.

Luc Wiesman, Founder of DMARGE said, “Creating something unique and worthy of such an iconic car was important. Taking the BMW Z4 on a leisurely drive to a winery wouldn’t get people talking either. So after some research on Google Maps we realised that the BMW Z4 could, in theory, beat the Manly Ferry in a race. To make things fair we held the race at 8am on a Sunday morning.”

The branded content campaign shows off the Z4’s design language, performance and lifestyle to an audience of style-conscious Australian men.